About Us


Many years of experience working with animals with lots of educational training. “Insured, Bonded, City, County & State Licensed”  Service is provided with lots of TLC!!!  There are many repetitive and completely satisfied clients for pet sitting, grooming, purchase of supplies and small pets. We also have a notary service.

ESTABLISHED in 2001 Please call for appointment:  (239) 945-1696

There are four major time periods during the year which we are not available:
February; Week to include 2/14 – Sunday to Sunday
April: Week to include 4/18 – Sunday to Sunday
June: Week to include 6/7 Sunday to Sunday
November: 1st Full weekend, Approximately 5 days.

Our Email: PetCrazyVette69@msn.com

Pet Crazy 212 SW 2nd Avenue